What is Holistic Dentistry?

By definition holistic mean taking in to account all of the parts of a specific thing and treating them as one, instead of several loose parts stuck together.

With this in mind we can assume that something that affect on part of your body will affect other parts as well, even if they are not next to each other.

The same is said for the materials that are used to restore your teeth. Be it a filling, or prosthesis. If it is not biocompatible or processed correctly it could be harmful over time.

This is also important in the way the materials are removed from the patient. Using adequate barriers to protect the patient from further contamination.

This in conjunction with regular check ups, and good dental hygiene, would keep you healthy, eating, and smiling for a long time.

Amalgam Removal
We use a rubber dam and high volume ejection so as to allow for a safe removal of the amalgam filling. We also allow for a clean air supply to the patient so she/he does not inhale any of the fumes that may be expelled in the process.

About Illness : If you currently ill, you should seek the aid of a physician. This is only a part of a holistic treatment plan. The medical and the dental parts should work hand in hand for your benefit and well being.