Holistic Dentistry FAQs

Why is holistic dentistry better?
Because it will take into consideration the long term effect, of the dental procedure, on your entire body. Not only your teeth.

How is holistic different?
It is different only in the steps it takes to protect the patient from the residues of the materials, their vapors and gases produced during and after treatment.

Does holistic dental work last as long as traditional treatments?
The majority of the things done in holistic dentistry in comparison to traditional dentistry should work and last just as long.

Now that it is public knowledge that amalgam is aprox. 50% mercury and that it may cause some health problems, what is your opinion on that?
A lot of the substances that are used in the mixture of the restorative materials, both amalgam and some of the plastic composites, have a tendency to leach out certain toxic substances. All people have reactions to these materials, although the majority can tolerate these chemicals longer than others. People that are sensitive will react sooner, those more resistant will take a longer time, but everyone will react to those materials. Those who react sooner are luckier if the person then does something to get rid of those materials out of the body, before a serious disease develops.

How long have you been practicing?
Dr. Solorio has over 25 years of experience. Over 5 years of amalgam free holistic dental experience.

What is your association with Dr. Hulda Clark?
She considers that our techniques and the way we practice is very compatible to her protocol. She refers her clients to us.

I understand that not everyone that comes to you follows the same protocols. Is it up to the patient what kind of dentistry work is done?
We can’t impose one certain philosophy upon everyone walking into our office.
We always inform the patient about the different protocols available. However you are the one to take the final decision on what kind of dental work you request, often in conjunction with your holistic physician.

What kind of sterilization techniques do you use?
We try to stay away from chemicals whenever possible. For everything that is not disposable we use a standard cold sterilization first and then steam sterilization. Anything that we may have to touch during the procedure, like the handles on the light is covered with plastic that is disposed of after each operation.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept Cash, VISA, Master Card, Traveler Checks, and Personal Checks. (All returned checks will be assessed a service fee of $35.00)

Do you take insurance?
We gladly furnish you with an itemized bill that you then present to your insurance company for reimbursement. Please check with your insurance company, and ask what procedures are covered by your plan.